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I thought i might as well create a new journal just for my interests :)
Expect more Gakuen Alice stuffs from this journal :)

I would appreciate it if you do not claim my summaries as yours :)
Every comment i receive on my journal will definitely serve as a great motivation for me to continue :)

Feel free to add me to your F-list ☆

Yoroshiku ne!

Gakuen Alice Manga Chapter 143

Sorry for the long wait and i hope that i am not too late!!

Enjoy reading!
Comments are appreciated :D

Chapter 143Collapse )

Chapter 144 will be released on Hana Yume on 19 March :D

Gakuen Alice Manga Chapter 142


I am happy to be back ^0^/ (though i am not sure for how long i would be....)
I got some spare time so i did a summary beginning from Chapter 142 ♥

Enjoy reading!
Comments are appreciate :)

Chapter 142Collapse )

Chapter 143 will be released on 20 Feb on Hana Yume (GEH!? It's already out!!)
I would put up the summary if i have time for it ♥

UPDATE: There seems to be a mistake! Chapter 143 will be released on 5 March on Hana Yume instead!!


Hi friends,

Thank you very much for supporting applechips.
I regret to say that i cannot continue summarising GA chapters because work has become SO hectic for me.
I did not even have the time to read new GA chapters and check my mails not to mention doing summaries.

I seek your understanding on this decision.

Thank you m(_ _)m

Chapter 94...

Due to work, i would have to put summaries on weekends only in future :)

Chapter 94 is already released, the summary will probably be up by next weekend...


Hi friends,

YUP! i have revived my laptop because i need it for work. Thank goodness the motherboard was not faulty (which i suspected it was at first) or else, i doubt i am able to be back here so soon..

Please be rest assured that GA summaries will be continued over here~♥

i am sorry if i had made some of you worry m(_ _)m

serious hiatus.

Hi friends, i have bad news...

I am currently using the desktop to type this entry... what i wish to say is my laptop had died on me.
I cannot be online until my laptop is revived.. I am not sure when that will be (but i will be back here as soon as i can).. Until then, i am afraid that i cannot put up any summaries...i am seriously sorry...

However much i wish to say that i will put up the summary for the chapters that i may miss, i cannot promise what life would have become when i got my laptop back (i intend to get a new one since i don't believe in computer repairs). Nevertheless, i will continue with the summarising job once i am back online =)

Comments have been disabled since i will not be able to reply to them until i am back online :)

Gakuen Alice Manga Chapter 93

Yay~ I am on time ^0^/

Enjoy reading!!
Comments are appreciated :)


Gakuen Alice Manga Chapter 91

I am so sorry that this had dragged like forever >0<~
Thank you guys so much for your concerns in my previous post *huggles*

I don't intend to do Chapter 92 since its summary is up already, but please be rest assured that Chapter 93 will be done up as usual :D

I will do my best to produce it on time (20 Feb) ♥

Enjoy reading!

Comments are appreciated :)



Sorry friends.. i am currently down with fever and i am still rushing out my project report... i am so sorry that i have to eat my words... but i'll put up Summary Chapter 91 next weekend (either 2 Feb or 3 Feb).

Thousands of apologies m(_ _)m


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