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Short Hiatus

Due to school work, Summary of Chapter 91 will be put up next weekend :D
I promise to make a good job for this chapter ♥ (i am in the middle of it already >.<~)

Also, i will be graduating this 6 Feb (Chapter 92 will be released 5 Feb) so i guess updates will be up more promptly after my graduation :D

It's Done!

Finally! I have finished summarizing chapter 89!
You can find it here ♥

Quick Note~!

Hey guys! Looks like i am not able to rush out the summary on chapter 89 on time!! >0<~
But not to worry, i have typed half of it already.. i should be able to have it up by Friday, latest by Sunday.

Very sorry to keep everyone waiting m(_ _)m

Gakuen Alice Manga Chapter 90

SInce the new chapter is already out, i thought i'll put this up first ♥
Thanks to people that had comforted me earlier :) 
Chapter 89 will be up tomorrow!

Sorry that i made you worry!! Your feed of summary is here!!

Comments are appreciated :)


Gakuen Alice Manga Chapter 89

Thank you so much for waiting ♥

Comments are appreciated :)


a little down..

Hi everyone,

I have just completed my internship programme recently and i did not do well for it. I have no motivation to do up a good summary at this point of time.. Please give me more time to do this.. I'll try to put up chapter 89 by next weekend :)

Gakuen Alice Manga Chapter 88

Comments are appreciated :)

Gakuen Alice Manga Chapter 87

Very sorry for the long wait!!!
I did a very general summary this time around.. if there are any questions feel free to raise them!!

Another apology for not having scans as well. 
Okies! That's all i guess~ ^0^/


Gomen... m(_ _)m

Chapter 87 summary will be up this weekends =)
I am sorry if you guys have to wait even longer... 

No matter how busy i have become.. how lazy i am.. i will continue to do this until GA ends :)

Gakuen Alice Manga Chapter 86

NO SCANS this time around =D 
(i will, however, put up any sources of scans should i find any later =D)




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