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Gakuen Alice Manga Chapter 142


I am happy to be back ^0^/ (though i am not sure for how long i would be....)
I got some spare time so i did a summary beginning from Chapter 142 ♥

Enjoy reading!
Comments are appreciate :)

Continuing from Chapter 141...

As all of us know, Mikan is now locked within the school compoud, just like Rapunzel. Who will save her out?

This chapter opens with Shiki dreaming about Yuka.

"Shiki,"called out Yuka (i thought she was RUKA!!). "I have something to discuss with you,"

"Yuka," replied Shiki, "What is it?"

"We have been keeping these stolen ALICE stones inside your body this far, and these stones have become part of your weapon, making good protection for you," began Yuka."But this stone that we got from the Principal has been multiplying and I feel uncomfortable keeping them with me,"

Apparently our Yuka san has wrapped those stones up in a bag that made it look as though she was holding trash.

"Yu..ka?" said Shiki rather unbelievingly as Yuka held up that trash bag to him.

"Like i said, haven't we been keeping these stones inside your body?" continued Yuka.

"Ya.. but those are the Principal's stones, aren't they?" explained Shiki. "Inserting them into my body is well.. a bit.."

"But these are important stones that we cannot afford to lose any of them at any chance right..?"

"Right.. but having them in my body is disgusting..." continued Shiki.

**Yuka, I am sorry**

Shiki woke up on the bed.

"It was a dream huh," Shiki said, "I see...so today is the day, which, Teacher Narumi is allowed to visit the grave."

The scene changes to Narumi at the graveyard.

"Teacher, Senior Yuka, I am terribly sorry that I was not able to save your lives,"

Narumi was devasted at how he was not able to protect any of his loved ones. He was ashamed of himself but at the same time he was not able to give up his love for Yuka even though she's no longer alive (i was so shocked to know that she has passed away!!). He swears that he shall not run away but to continue all that is not done when Yuka was alive for her.

During this time when Narumi was at the grave, the Junior Principal visited Mikan -- the scheduled meeting day for the Junior Principal and Mikan.

"What is this look?" began the Junior Principal. "You don't intend to speak with me today either huh?"

Mikan stared at the Principal unmovingly.

"Don't you agree with me that it is your responsiblity to retreieve that ALICE stone which your mother has placed within me?" continued the Principal.

"I disagree forever," replied Mikan calmly.

"So that's your answer huh? I am disappointed." said the Principal,"But remember, i have NO intentions to release you, at all."

During this period of time which Mikan is under the Junior Principal's supervision, a rule was set to protect her from being harmed emotionally.However, if Mikan does something that is unforgivable, the Junior Principal will have full rights to give her whatever punishment that is deem good.

Mikan recalls those words that Shiki told her.

"Mikan, please be careful. The ALICE stone which your mother has inserted into the Junior Principal's body has caused time to flow backwards within him. The Junior Principal has no time. He might use despicable means to force you do anything some day.
Remember that you always have us behind you. Do whatever you may just, don't try to escape on your own. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Shiki," replied Mikan.

It was then time for the Junior Principal to leave. Before he left he threw another stare at Mikan. (creepy old little man >.<)

At the outside world, it seems like Tsubasa and friends are busy preparing for a Christmas Party.

"Woahh! It's already so late! I guess we are more or less done with today's preparations?" said Tsubasa as he saw the time on the clock reads five minutes to eight.

"Ohhh~ Everyone is doing their best huh," said Noda suddenly," The school is filled with unhappy events these days, i suppose it's good to have a party huh? But everyone, the Christmas Party is 3 days later and there's end-year examinations, so let's just call it a day and go home early,"

Everyone stared mysteriously at Noda as he speaks.
He disappeared suddenly during that incident and has not returned for 3 months or so.

After Noda has finished talking, he fainted.

He was then sent to the hospital.

"My deepest apologies, Teacher Noda," said Jinno, "But during these 3 months, we are as busy here. Besides, communications with you were difficult when you were in those timezones. We are very sorry to have made you and the Fuukidai wait in the space for so long..."

"Oh, don't mention it," said Noda weakly on the bed.

HE MUST HAVE FORGOTTEN!, the students in the room thought in sync. (Poor Noda-chi...>.<)

"Good to see that you're alright, Noda-chi!" said Tsubasa cheerfully (as always ne? :D)

"Thank you, sorry to make you guys worry!" replied Noda.

"Teacher Noda.." began Toono awkwardly.

Toono was sorry for what he said to Noda about who being the real traitor. Apparently during that incident, Toono suspected Noda for bringing in enemies into the academy using his ALICE.

"I..am deeply sorry, Teacher,"said Toono.

"Don't worry about it," said Noda.

"This is all Noda's fault for disappearing every now and then!" said Shiki suddenly at the door.

He has come to visit Noda even though he claims to be 'busy'.

Jinno began explain all that Noda has missed out during these months when he was absent. (also good explanation to me! i have been absent from this series longggg enough!)

He learnt that Shiki has become the "relief" Principal for Middle School for the time being and that during this period of observation time for the Junior Principal, Jinno has taken over his duties temporarily.

The Middle School principal (Shiki) has gained much trust and popularity in contrast to the Junior Principal, so for the time being, everyone takes instruction from Jinno, who is now the "relief" principal for the Junior school.

However, even though the High School Principal has returned safely, the Junior Principal's spy, Goshima Hijiri (I KNEW SOMETHING WAS WRONG WITH HIM!!), still remains as the Head of the Student Council. However, at the same time, Jinno has asked Sakurano and Imai (Hotaru's Brother) to spy on the situation within the Student Council.Despite all these measures, they were certain that the Junior Principal will strike again.

"That is to say, Tsubasa, you have returned to Normal Class?" said Noda.

"Ah, yeah, i guess," replied Tsubasa.

"That's wonderful news! I was worried for you!"

"Thank you, Teacher," said Tsubasa.

"I have some things to discuss with you," began Shiki (he was actually saying, "I am not just here for visiting!"), "Children, it's not getting any early, please go back soon," (he was actually saying," GO BACK NOW!")

And so the kids left~

"Why did you lie that you have returned to the Normal Class?" questioned Toono. "Wouldn't things get worse once they find out?"

"I guess..?" said Tsubasa."Those kids were listening, I don't want to worry them too much,"

And Hotaru was listening to what the guys were whispering with her new invention.

"Just like Natsume, it would be easier to act if i were there," continued.

Tsubasa felt that he wants to help Natsume lighten his burden on his body so he chooses to remain in the Dangerous Class.

"SO ARE YOU SAYING THAT IT'S OK TO MAKE US WORRY!?" said Misaki. "What an idiot to decide things on your own!"

"How troublesome," sighed Natsume. "For goodness sake..."

Misaki stomped off saying that she would not dance with Tsubasa in this year's Christmas Party. Tsubasa ran after her 'begging' for forgiveness.Natsume was moved by what he saw. Out of jealousy, he 'burnt' Tsubasa. (for being insensitive i guess xD)

~Back in class~

It was rumoured that Mikan may not be able to join the rest for Christmas and Innchou was worried if she would be lonely. He supposed that Mikan would love to join them at the party.He was worried if Mikan studied for her exams and that if she is able to see them at the graduation ceremony.

The class mood plunged a term of depression until....

"Hey guys,let's make something for Mikan this Christmas," suggested Hotaru. "But of course, the chances of those gifts reaching her are slim so before sending her our gifts, we openly invite her to our party. Wait for the invitation to be rejected then we'll send in our gifts. In comparison, our gifts would seem more 'normal' than the invitation. However, this plan may not succeed, but it is better than not trying."

"Let's do it!" exclaimed Innchou. "Let's do something that will pass through for Mikan!"

So very quickly all the kids got down working on their gifts for Mikan.

Hotaru spotted Natsume making something for Mikan.

She said sacarstically and loudly behind so that Natsume could hear,"you seem to like sending those things, the ALICE stone. I think this time around will be rejected as usual. What an idiot. Making stones like as though they are some love bonding gifts or something. I don't know what's the story behind all this though. Only that making those stones would waste your energy and weaken your body right?

Mikan will be even more depressed if she knows about it. I can't believe that you don't even understand such simple thing. And i think you made another one already.

Complacency, lack of ideas, lack of creativity, What an useless man with no sense of art!" continued Hotaru. (I LOVE YOU!!!!)

Although what she said was so blunt to the core, all her classmates seem to agree xD

"What...what do you intend to give away Imai?" said Ruka frantically so as to divert away the topic.

"Do you know? Rapunzel?" said Hotaru, as she walked towards Natsume and handed him a book titled, Rapunzel. "'Long time ago, there lived a princess with very long hair. She was trapped in a high tower in a forest. But one day, she met the prince that
changed her life. She let down her long hair so that the prince may climb into the tower. And they lived happily ever after'. Something along that story line.

Isn't this story similar to what Mikan is going through right now? Even though this may be just a fairytale. Well? Do you want this book? I can give it to you if you like,"

Hotaru continued,"If we were to give something that is "real", those things may be rejected. Instead, by using these fairytales, we may just be able to get our messages across to Mikan."

What Hotaru said had given Natsume hopes that he would see Mikan again and that he was able to pass the message that "he would save her no matter what" to Mikan.

Hotaru picked herself The Sleeping Beauty for Mikan because they have similar plot as Rapunzel but the 'Prince' (referring to Natsume) is much more dumb compared to the handsome bright prince in The Sleeping Beauty.

On the other hand at the school's office...

Noda showed the other teachers a document which he has picked up at the Junior Principal's office.
It read that Shiki is to repay the Junior Principal by owning the "Middle School Principal" title.

To repay the Junior Principal, he is to RETURN all the ALICE stones that he has stolen from him.


Chapter 143 will be released on 20 Feb on Hana Yume (GEH!? It's already out!!)
I would put up the summary if i have time for it ♥

UPDATE: There seems to be a mistake! Chapter 143 will be released on 5 March on Hana Yume instead!!


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I miss reading your summaries. Glad to see you back.

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Re: rain
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I have a link here to another RAW of gakuen alice 143..
you can visit it if the youtube video is not clear..

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Thanks so much, applechips!!! :) It's been such a long time! I actually just read 101-142 from nighttime till 4:30 in the morning, haha! I had to catch up to almost two years' worth of chapters.

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